Hold me, hummingbird
Teach me flight

Let’s hover

Let’s ponder our terrain

Zip me down amongst blooming blossoms
Zip me up to bluest sky

Whoosh past my ear
In your
Search for sweet






With birds and I
Both at soaring level

I watch from my window
And wait for flight patterns

To predict my day
In sky-blue sky

Starlings are flocking
One hundred wing to wing

Coalescing in agreement
South! Let's fly South!

My exhale flips their direction

The flock bursts open
At my thought of a broken heart

Only to rise again
At my thought of a new day

We are riding air currents
From the morning-breeze bay






The nightingale sings
But I sing louder

On waxing wave of expanding breath
I fill my lungs ‘till

And, release
In song,
A sing-song

Breath-less-ness. Done.

Was it good enough?
Was it long enough?
Does the echo echo, again?

Beautiful beyond pale,
My nightingale?

Waning wave sinks into dark air
Breath held, quiet
Until Moon pulls another crest

Fill my lungs







The sea inside fills to my heart
My mind is burnt by the sun

The orbit of unseen moons sloshes tides
-- left, no right, no left --
Saltwater drips from my tongue






Long moments
of interstitial time

Are softened and sweetened

My cheek is held by air
My breath is held in air

My heart swims in warm honey