I grew up in Sacramento, attending neighborhood parochial schools for twelve years. When, in middle school, I showed an interest in art, my mom signed me up for an art tutor. There I learned the basics of painting. My high school art teachers furthered my interest in both drawing and painting. By the time I left for college, I already loved art.

I attended UC Santa Cruz from 1991-1995, where I received a BFA with a focus in painting. At UCSC, I met my to-be husband, Toto, in the fall of 1992. After college, I continued to pursue my art, painting in our dining room until I could afford a studio. We now have two lovely daughters; we live in San Francisco.

I started showing my paintings in 2005, and I have been showing and selling work ever since. I have shown with Galleri Urbane, B Sakata Garu, Bryant St Gallery, K Imperial, and the SFMoMA Fine Arts Gallery. I currently sell work through Kevin Barry Fine Art.